some of us are clowns…


She don’t want nobody near
But you can’t get away from that
They appear and disappear
And they all get a string attached
Pretty soon they’ve got you hanging on the line
Pretty soon they’re singing one by one, the same old rhyme
They say, “I’m alright, I just can’t get home tonight”
She don’t want nobody home
Cause it’s a little too crowded then
But she don’t want to be alone
So they just keep pouring in
Pretty soon they’ve got her headed for the door
She comes home to find that they’re not hanging ’round no more
She says, “I’m alright, you just can’t get home tonight”
Don’t you wonder what she looks like in the light?
She says “I’m alright, I just can’t get home tonight”
Pretty white-washed lies,
endless alibis
and reasons that need cleaning every night
Half a world away
You can’t wash away the stain of the deceiving
And the things that you cannot believe
And well, she don’t want no one around
Cause she don’t want anybody to see
What she looks like when she’s down
Cause that’s a really sad place to be
Pretty soon she gets them crawling up the walls
Then she wonders why they beg her please to never call
She says “I’m ok, it’s alright, hey look who’s on TV tonight”
She says, “I’m alright, I just can’t get home tonight”
Don’t you wonder why it’s dark outside at night?
She says, “I’m alright, I just can’t get home tonight”


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Hi, I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my blog roll. I found yours thru Holli’s, and I honestly don’t remember how I found hers. I’ve been blog reading for years now. Every once in a while I check out one of the people she mentions, which is how I found Luzie’s, and now how I stumbled upon yours! I like reading blogs that are around my age (I’m 29) and seem to have similar interests. I love Adam and I love concerts. I have never gotten to see him live, but I hear it’s awesome. My friend Angie has seen him a few times and said it’s up there with the best shows she’s been to – which is a TON. You should check her blog out, it’s really fun. Well, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, I just think your blog is fun. Mine as you can tell is a little boring if you aren’t related, and I am bad about updating. I enjoy reading more than writing!


Comment by Alissa

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